Women in senior in-house legal positions are paid less than men

When analyzed across the world the trend is consistent in key geographic markets except in the Asia Pacific region where female GCs earn 26% more than their male peers.

The biggest pay gap was seen in Canada where female GCs earn 31% less than male GCs in similar organizations.

When comparing females to males in chief legal roles in the US, the pay gap is 18% less. Even when Acritas analyzed the breakdown of this trend across company size, age and even whether the GC in question had previously worked at a law firm, women consistently earn less than men. 

Women aged 40-50 are getting the worst deal of all, as their pay has been revealed to be 38% lower than their male equivalents. When women reach age 50 the pay gap reduces by half, to a 19% pay deficit. 

When looking across the other age ranges analyzed, the data provided by senior in-house counsel to Acritas shows female GCs under 40s are paid slightly more than male GCs.

Globally, overall, pay varies quite dramatically across the board. Twice the proportion of male GCs are paid over $500k (USD) compared to female GCs.

The pattern is reflected almost exactly when looking at just the US market, although GCs working in US organizations tend to achieve the highest pay in the world.

The difference in salary levels is perhaps not surprising, given the same issue exists in most other industries, but for a profession which is based on ensuring fairness and equal treatment, this gulf in reward levels should be addressed.

This data is extracted from Acritas’ Diversity Report – to find out more please use the form at the top right of this page to download the full report or send us an email: research@acritas.com

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