Stars and future Stars

Our analysis of over 4,300 client interviews and corresponding law firm data has shown stand-out lawyers substantially: 

You will be amazed at the magnitude of the impact these client-nominated, stand-out lawyers have on the firm as a whole, and further analysis has shown that the more Acritas Stars clients identify, the bigger the impact gets.

Our research is still evolving. In addition to analyzing how Stars achieve stand-out status and looking at the impact of Stars on firm key performance indicators, we have been surveying the Stars themselves about how firms help and hinder them to serve clients. We have also started to look at employer brand, from the perspective of which firms Star lawyers want to work for. Our very latest survey asked Stars to evaluate their clients – identifying both obviously deficient areas and a picture of best practice. There are many avenues to explore, including:

Who do your clients think are your “Stars”?
Are there differences between Stars rated by clients and by the firms themselves – and why?
What is it that Stars do to stand out from the pack?
What effect does having such Stars have on the performance of your firm more widely?
Are firms providing an environment that encourages Stars and Star qualities?
Are some Stars a flight risk – and if so what things are creating risks that they might leave?

If you would like to discuss how Acritas’ Stars and future Stars program could support your firm please do not hesitate to get in touch with Head of Acritas Advisors, Steve Blundell, on +44 808 178 3020 or

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