In the Press - 2018 State of Corporate Law Departments
Posted on 02/07/18


The average satisfaction rating of outside counsel based on value has increased 9 percent over the last five years showing improvements across all areas of... Read More
Corporate Legal Departments Seeing Greater Value From Their Outside Counsel, Says 2018 State of Corporate Law Departments Report
Posted on 02/02/18

Corporate legal departments are seeing greater value for the legal services they receive from their outside counsel, according to the 2018 State of Corporate Law Departments Report from Thomson Reuters and Acritas.

The report analyzed data and research from... Read More

Male Clients Pick Male Lawyers - Latest Acritas Star Lawyer Nominations Reveal Gender Bias In Selection
Posted on 01/17/18

Acritas has spent the last three years building up more than 10,000 independent nominations of stand-out lawyers from law firm clients all over the world. More than 8,000 individual lawyers have been identified altogether from 4,300 clients.

Upon analyzing the results, Acritas stumbled... Read More

Gender diverse legal teams outperform single gender teams
Posted on 12/15/17

Global legal market research firm Acritas has examined the statistics behind gender differences in law, including the pay gap, service performance and behavior, to reveal how law firms and clients can make diversity pay for both sides of the relationship.


Mixed gender teams... Read More

AQuarterly November 2017
Posted on 12/06/17

Welcome to Acritas Quarterly

A collection of the latest Acritas insights and developments from November 2017

  Effectiveness of CI in law firms rated as 6.4 out of 10 on average

  60% of... Read More

60% of organizations allocate legal spend inefficiently
Posted on 11/16/17

Acritas’ latest research report reveals the zone of maximum efficiency for GCs looking to balance internal and external legal spend.  It turns out that there is a fairly narrow range to reach that maximum efficiency – yet the majority of companies surveyed allocate their budget in a way... Read More

Lisa interviews Thomson Reuters Legal President Susan Taylor Martin
Posted on 10/25/17

After revealing Thomson Reuters as the top brand in our new Index, Lisa sat down with their Legal President Susan Taylor Martin to discuss the new Global Alternative Legal Brand Index, the role of technology in innovation, and the Thomson Reuters approach to customer-focused. Watch the brief... Read More

Thomson Reuters and PwC Legal emerge as leading global alternative legal brands
Posted on 10/12/17

Acritas’ inaugural annual Global  Alternative Legal Brand Index sees Thomson Reuters lead followed by PwC Legal

In a ground-breaking piece of research, legal market experts Acritas have published an Index that shows the power of alternative legal service providers.... Read More

Baker McKenzie extends global brand lead to be twice as strong as the closest contender
Posted on 10/10/17

Acritas’ eighth annual Global Elite Law Firm Brand Index sees Baker McKenzie extend its lead at the top of the table for another year.  ... Read More

Acritas launches a new advisory service
Posted on 10/04/17

Today, the permanent consulting team at Redstone Consultants have joined Acritas to create a new consulting service line called Acritas Advisors.

Putting our teams together will enable Acritas to offer more holistic solutions to clients based on the strong base of research, insights and... Read More

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