In the press: The American Lawyer
Posted on 09/30/13
‘Baker & McKenzie Tops List of Law Firm Brands’

By Chris Johnson

The American Lawyer, September 30 2013

"Here’s some consolidation for Baker & McKenzie. Having just been usurped by DLA Piper as the world’s top-grossing law firm, bringing to... Read More

In the Press: Acritas quoted in Lawyers Weekly
Posted on 09/19/13
‘You’re fired! More firms get dumped’

By  Leanne Mezrani, September 19, 2013

"A global study has found that more firms were fired this year than last, mostly due to price and budget allocation.

A total of 33 per cent of global... Read More

In the Press: Acritas report quoted in Canadian Lawyer
Posted on 09/16/13
‘More in-house cutting firms loose: study
Report also shows a move away from top ‘prestige’ providers

By Jennifer Brown, September 16, 2013

More general counsel decided to cut ties with their external law firms this... Read More

In the Press: Acritas data quoted in Above the Law
Posted on 09/12/13


‘Why Do Law Firms Get Hired — And Fired — By Their Clients?*’

By David Lat, September 12, 2013

Business development sometimes seems like an impossible task. Winning new clients, or generating new business from existing clients, isn’t easy. If you... Read More

In the Press: Acritas study quoted in Inside Counsel
Posted on 09/12/13
‘Price, service among key reasons why clients fire law firms’

By Rich Steeves, September 12, 2013

A new study* by Acritas helps explain why one third of the world’s largest companies dropped a law firm in the past year, and what firms can do to prevent... Read More

The Reasons Clients Hire and Fire Their Law Firms
Posted on 09/11/13

One third of the world’s largest companies have dropped a law firm in the last year, representing an increase on the rate seen in 2012. 

The research, conducted by legal market research specialist Acritas for its latest report on winning and losing business, highlights the critical... Read More

In the press: Bloomberg Law Interview with Kent Zimmermann
Posted on 09/09/13
‘How DLA Piper Became Highest-Grossing Firm in 9 Years’

Bloomberg Law TV, September 2013, 
Quoting Acritas’ US Law Firm Brand Index*, 
Kent Zimmermann, consultant to law firms for the Zeughauser Group, talks with Bloomberg Law's... Read More

In the press: American Lawyer article by Aric Press
Posted on 08/30/13


‘Why Clients Hire and Fire’

By Aric Press

The American Lawyer, September, 2013, page 94 (Dicta)
Quoting Acritas’ Sharplegal research, the piece highlights some of the reasons why law firms let business slip to... Read More

In the press: Managing Partner
Posted on 06/19/13

‘UK general counsel favour 'challenger' law firm brands’
Managing Partner, 19 June 2013

Fast-growing globally-focused firms commended for their client focus and commercial approach  

The financial pressures on UK general counsel are causing them to... Read More

International v. Domestic – The UK Legal Market’s Great Divide
Posted on 06/18/13

Against a backdrop of negative UK growth, international demand is driving workflows in London favouring the traditional legal powerhouses with serious international strategies in place.

According to Acritas’ Sharplegal research, 71% of UK general counsel have international legal needs and... Read More

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