In the Press: Lisa featured in PLC Magazine

Law firms and branding: achieving outstanding results

PLC Magazine, July 2014

In the Know How section of PLC Magazine this month, Lisa Hart Shepherd of Acritas explains why its latest UK Law Firm Brand Index provides compelling evidence of the need for firms to invest in their brands.

“The UK legal market is back in growth and this is fuelling the rise of a number of firms, whose clear offerings and identities are helping them to succeed in a highly competitive market.

The UK Law Firm Brand Index, which is researched and compiled by Acritas, reveals the leading UK law firm brands most favoured by influential clients from the UK and around the world. The 2013 UK Law Firm Brand Index indicates more clearly than ever that the firms that have continued to invest in building their brand and market positions, despite the economic downturn, are reaping the rewards. The link between brand strength and performance in today’s legal market cannot be overstated. However, in a world still undergoing a major cultural shift from traditional collegial partnerships to full-blown commercial entities, brand development can seem something of a dark art. It is worth standing back to analyse the factors that combine to build brand equity and those that conspire to erode it.”

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