In the Press: Acritas quoted in Briefing

‘From Brand New to Brand You’  

By Polly Botsford

Briefing - Marketing Tomorrow’s Law Firm, April 2013

Brand is back in fashion in legal marketing – but it’s not what it was. From rebrands and refreshes to the rise of the power of the personal brand, marketing tomorrow’s law firm is a tougher game than ever.  Are you ready? 

If possession is nine-tenths of the law, brand might be nine-tenths of success.

Why? According to global research company Acritas the combined revenue growth of the leading legal brands over a five-year period to 2011 outperformed the remainder of the global 100 by more than 50%.

So far, so impressive. But there’s more…

The full feature can be found on p15-19 of Briefing - Marketing Tomorrow’s Law Firm using the link below:

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