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‘Why Do Law Firms Get Hired — And Fired — By Their Clients?*’

By David Lat, September 12, 2013

Business development sometimes seems like an impossible task. Winning new clients, or generating new business from existing clients, isn’t easy. If you doubt this, check out in-house columnist Mark Herrmann’s excellent column, Nothing You Can Say Can Cause Me To Retain You (explaining all the strategies for trying to obtain his business that won’t work). The challenge of getting new clients explains why so many firms resort to effectively trying to buy clients, by luring lateral partners and hoping their books of business come with them.

But still, every now and then a law firm does get hired by a new client. And every now and then a law firm gets fired by an existing or even longstanding client (even though it’s not easy to displace incumbent counsel, especially if they’re decent).

Why do clients hire and fire their outside counsel? A new survey* offers some answers….

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*Our new report highlights the reasons nearly 1,000 global clients gave for dropping a law firm in the last year and the ways in which you can effectively reduce client loss. It also sheds light on the factors which lead clients to hire the firms they do and offers advice on how to secure satisfaction and loyalty. To find out more and order your copy of ‘Winning and Losing Business’ please click here.

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