NEW! Exclusive insight on how your legal departments compares to others

By Lisa Hart Shepherd

No two legal departments are the same. Each faces a unique set of legal challenges and to meet them will draw on legal resources in different ways. But most legal departments now have two things in common: they are under increasing budget scrutiny at a time when the demand for legal work has never been greater; and they have had to find ways to work smarter and make their money go further.

The good news is that there has been a response on the supply side, albeit largely from new and different types of supplier. New tools and resources are emerging every day. It is a minefield to navigate and legal departments are increasingly appointing legal operations experts and external consultants to help them invest wisely.

In this report, you have an opportunity to find out how advanced your legal department is compared to others, as we explore how rapidly some of these new technologies are diffusing.

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In this report we will also share case studies and present a checklist from which legal departments can assess where they sit on Rogers’ Innovation Adoption Lifecycle. The report explores differences by market, by industry and size of business. It also reveals the uptake of alternatives to law firms: which are most popular and why, and how law firms are responding from the perspective of their clients.
We hope this report will help you on your journey through the options available to you. Please do contact us if you are interested in knowing more about the research this report is based on or would like recommendations for consultants.

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