Lisa’s Feature: PSMG Magazine

‘The reasons clients hire and fire their law firms’

By Lisa Hart Shepherd, CEO, Acritas

PSMG Magazine, October 2013

“The hiring and firing of law firms is at the heart of the business of law. However, research into the factors that fuel this perpetual cycle reveals that there are some effective ways to ensure your firm is a net winner in the competition for clients.

One third of the world’s largest companies have stopped working with at least one law firm in the last year. This result – an increase on the rate seen in 2012 – highlights the importance of finding out what clients need and expect. It also underlines the value of monitoring their levels of satisfaction throughout the life of the relationship.

Granted, some loss of business is inevitable, due to factors outside law firm control – for example, matters coming to an end or conflicts of interest. However, these cases account for only around a quarter of overall dismissals.

Of much greater concern are the eight reasons clients gave that are firmly within law firm control…”

The full article can be found on page 14-15 of The PSMG magazine or can requested from Michelle at

For further information or to request your copy of Acritas’ report ‘Winning and Losing Business: Clients’ Candid Views on Why They Hire and Fire Their Law Firms’, please click here.


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