High Praise for Acritas at PM Forum Conference

This year's PM Forum, held in London on 21 September, attracted over 200 delegates and looked at how firms can use their brands to enhance the client experience.

Elizabeth Duffy from Acritas and Emma Price from Bond Pearce ran a workshop on ‘Brand Building around Client Service’ which focused on the premise that consistent client service is the bedrock of any firm.

During the workshop, Elizabeth and Emma helped attendees create action plans on ways to develop programs that would improve the client service at their firms.

Feedback from Kim Tasso in the PM Forum magazine:


“This was my second choice of workshop and frankly the most productive session from my perspective. Emma Price of Bond Pearce and Elizabeth Duffy from Acritas led a small group through a highly interactive and engaging session on the client satisfaction spectrum and service excellence.

“We were asked to define what we meant by 'excellent client service' and then classify our responses into one of the four categories that they had obtained from research with 2,000 companies: closeness to client, quality, speed and value. We were then asked to identify the three most critical ideas in each category and to consider the stakeholders and obstacles.

“They closed the session with some interesting insights into scorecards and scoping skills and a long list of coaching questions based on the GROW model. It was such a good session that we didn’t mind that it over ran by 15 minutes which meant we missed our tea break.”

To read how the rest of the day went you can visit PM Forum’s website


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