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This week Acritas shared some top tips for law firms looking to improve client satisfaction and drive up loyalty. Based on the latest legal market research, the top tips were prepared for Isaac Parker's blog and to support their 'Love Your Client' campaign which is focussed on promoting the importance of understanding client needs and designing with a customer-first mentality.


9 research-backed tips for delighting your law firm’s clients

If anyone knows what it means to "love your client" it's Acritas, the company famous for producing the world’s most comprehensive annual study of the global legal market. In this guest post they share 9 tips to help law firms delight their clients.

49% of senior legal buyers say that being close to their firm is the reason they remain loyal. 47% also mention 'close to client' factors when asked why they favor a particular firm.

Source: Acritas’ Sharplegal research 2013

Excellent law firm service now extends far beyond the ability to provide expertise. The in-house counsel we interview for Sharplegal say they want their firms to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of their industry, company and needs through every stage of the client/law firm relationship. 

Law firms can improve the strength and longevity of their relationships with clients by following some simple steps which have proven to be highly effective for many of today’s most successful law firms:

1. Get to the heart of the matter

Ask in-depth questions about the needs of the in-house team as well as their business requirements. Finding the gaps in capabilities will not only help you to tailor your services effectively but also highlight new opportunities...

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