Collaboration ensures law firm clients get more

Acritas is pleased to announce that it has begun working with Rees Morrison.

Acritas is fast becoming known as the global knowledge hub for law firms. Acritas specialises in providing its law firm clients with detailed, innovative research and advice that can enhance business performance and increase revenue.

Rees is founder and president of Rees Morrison Associates, a highly regarded law department management advisory service. His firm encourages managers of in-house lawyers to take part in The General Counsel Metrics' online.

Combining trends from his global benchmarking study together with Acritas’ sharplegal®, a leading annual survey that gives unique insight to the legal market globally, will enable both parties to offer greater market intelligence to their respective clients.

The partnership will undoubtedly strengthen the evidence-based advice both Acritas and Rees Morrison Associates are able to provide clients, ensuring law firms who are working with them continue to create competitive advantage and maximise opportunities for revenue growth.   


How to get involved in sharing and accessing the combined knowledge

If you would like to share your views, opinions and experiences then please click here to take part in the largest-ever independent study for in-house counsel in the global legal industry.

Each year, around 3000 general counsel and other senior in-house legal buyers in more than 30 countries around the world take part in this survey. Your participation will benefit you as well. The study is designed to enable both in-house counsel and law firms to understand how the legal market is shaped. Upon completion of the survey, Acritas will provide you with the latest benchmarking data and invite you to join its elite research panel, which offers you access to further market intelligence.

The General Counsel Metrics' online

If you would like to get involved in Rees Morrison Associates study click here. The General Counsel Metrics' online, confidential survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete as it asks for only six pieces of information from 2009: the number of your lawyers, your paralegals, and your other legal staff as well as your 2009 inside legal spend, your outside counsel spend, and your revenue. You will get your core report within weeks.

The 60+-page report, to be distributed in September and later in October, has 25 charts (one for each benchmark metric) and five tables, all with metrics that are normalised and aggregated. It contains ratios for industry benchmarks as well as to benchmarks for departments by country, number of lawyers, region, and company revenue.  Participants receive their report at no cost. 

About Rees Morrison

Rees has guided hundreds of departments over the past 24 years in relation to their specific: operational reviews, cost control, re-engineering, structure and organisation assessments, client satisfaction, technology, benchmarking, and other issues.  Rees has assisted more than 250 law departments.

During his career Rees has addressed more than 120 groups, co-chaired 11 law-department management conferences and has published more than 140 articles and six books.  He also hosts the extremely popular, having written more than 5,700 posts.


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