Are you still refusing to believe brand lists are important?

On Wednesday May 20, Acritas’ UK Law Firm Brand Index 2015 will be revealed. But we are often asked ‘what is the purpose and value of measuring brand amongst law firms?’, so we thought it would be worth sharing a little reminder.

In legal markets which are still crowded and fragmented, the only way to grow market share is to stand out.

The foundations of strong client relationships

Acritas research consistently shows that a collaborative approach to building client relationships is one of the most potent factors powering professional services firm growth across the world. Through extensive interviews with senior members of professional services firms, we have compiled these proven techniques for building – and eroding – client relationships.

What is the greatest threat to client/law firm relationships?

In our final ‘Close to Client’ blog, Andrew Magowan, General Counsel & Company Secretary of global online fashion retailer ASOS, reveals how laziness kills relationships.

Look out for our new blog series inspired by clients’ calls for value and innovation – launching in the Autumn.

Strong, Long-Term

Your Guide to Client Retention

Once your initial investment has paid off and you have won the client’s trust and business, the relationship-building can begin in earnest.

Establish the ground rules

A kick-off meeting is de rigueur, but the quality of the agenda for that all-important official start to the relationship can dictate its future course. 

How to get closer to clients


Excellent law firm service now extends far beyond the ability to provide legal expertise. 

The in-house counsel we interview for *Sharplegal say they want their firms to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of their industry, company and needs through every stage of the client/law firm relationship.

Maximizing The Value of Being 'Close to Client'


According to Acritas' Sharplegal research 2013,49% of senior legal buyers say that being close to their firm is the reason they remain loyal and 47% also mention 'close to client' factors when asked why they favor a particular firm. 

In order to understand this data further, we invited law firms to our live GC Panel Question Time event in London on April 29, 2014 and streamed the discussion around the world so that as many people as possible got tolisten to the client's views.

Acritas collected data from law firms at the LMA Annual Conference

On April 2, 2014 we stood at our exhibition booth at LMA's Annual Conference with three blank blackboards. We asked everyone to tell us 'What do your clients value most?' in terms of relationships, expertise and service. By the end of the conference our blackboards were full and a snapshot of the data we gathered is below.

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