Two Truths and a Lie about ALSPs

By Jen Dezso, Acritas US, VP

The noise around Alternative Legal Services Providers has reached a fever pitch. Sifting through what the actual market trends are v. what is purely the speculation of market pundits can be an overwhelming undertaking.

Acritas’ newest research with more than 1,300 buyers of legal services takes away the guesswork and homes in on exactly how companies are changing their use of (and spending with) ALSPs—and what’s not changing as expected.

Sector Effectiveness Checklist: Are You Positioned to Succeed?

By Jen Dezso, VP Acritas US Inc.

Demonstrating industry sector expertise (rather than just legal expertise) is proven to double your share of a client’s legal spending.*

While many law firms today are changing their messaging to talk about industry sector expertise, few are realizing this level of growth in their client relationships.

Thought Leadership tensions - Part 3: Old might not be boring

By Steve Blundell - Head of Acritas Advisors

We’ve been looking at six key challenges facing the creators of thought leadership content:

  1. Picking a topic
  2. Focus and speed to market
  3. Getting value from “old” ideas
  4. Collaboration
  5. Channel issues
  6. Internal engagement

So this time we get to the third topic: getting value from “old” ideas.


Video interview with Rob Booth, The Crown Estate General Counsel and Company Secretary

In this video interview Lisa Hart Shepherd, Acritas CEO speaks with Rob Booth, The Crown Estate General Counsel and Company Secretary to discuss innovation, alternative legal providers, individual and team stellar performance.


Connect with Lisa Hart Shepherd and Rob Booth on LinkedIn

Thought Leadership Tensions - Part 1: Is Vanilla the only flavour?

By Steve Blundell - Head of Acritas Advisors

Getting a Thought Leadership project off the ground in a law firm is a challenge. Making sure it’s one that will produce a return on the investment is a bigger challenge still.

There are six tensions that need to be resolved by the creators of any thought leadership project:

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