Law Firm Sectors – COVID-19 is the fork in the road

By Steve Blundell - Head of Acritas Advisors

Sectors all the rage

Before the world turned upside down, sectors were becoming “the thing”. Two thirds of the AmLaw 100 boast a sector focus on their web site. But from our research we can see that firms’ approaches vary markedly. As with many other things, COVID-19 may prove to be a fire that burns up the chaff and leaves only the real things standing.

COVID-19 Crisis Management: 6 Actions to Get You Through the Next 6 Months

By Jen Dezso, Acritas US, VP

Let’s cut to the chase. The world is in crisis mode and it’s difficult to know what to be doing with clients to help them through this—while still trying to maintain our own business operations. Having worked with law firms through the 2008 financial crisis, there’s a couple of relevant lessons in how to best adapt to a market that completely transforms overnight.

Making partner meetings work by video – now force majeure

By Steve Blundell - Head of Acritas Advisors

It’s interesting that even by the end of last year, when most of us had never heard of Coronavirus, the majority of the partner meetings and workshops I facilitated had several people dialled in from multiple locations around the world.

A growing number of people “dialled in” are now using video – which certainly makes the facilitation role a lot easier.

Thought Leadership Tensions - Part 4: Setting out to keep going

By Steve Blundell - Head of Acritas Advisors

We’ve been looking at six key challenges facing the creators of thought leadership content:

  1. Picking a topic
  2. Focus and speed to market
  3. Getting value from “old” ideas
  4. Collaboration
  5. Channel issues
  6. Internal engagement

So, this time we get to the fourth topic: collaboration.

The “thwak” factor

Two Truths and a Lie about ALSPs

By Jen Dezso, Acritas US, VP

The noise around Alternative Legal Services Providers has reached a fever pitch. Sifting through what the actual market trends are v. what is purely the speculation of market pundits can be an overwhelming undertaking.

Acritas’ newest research with more than 1,300 buyers of legal services takes away the guesswork and homes in on exactly how companies are changing their use of (and spending with) ALSPs—and what’s not changing as expected.

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