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By Lisa Hart Shepherd

No two legal departments are the same. Each faces a unique set of legal challenges and to meet them will draw on legal resources in different ways. But most legal departments now have two things in common: they are under increasing budget scrutiny at a time when the demand for legal work has never been greater; and they have had to find ways to work smarter and make their money go further.

View from the client – what innovation do they want?

Last week, Lisa Hart Shepherd and Steve Blundell presented at The Alternative Tech & Innovation Leaders’ Summit: Professional Service conference, an event bringing together the largest firms in law, accountancy and consultancy to examine innovation now and in the next five years. The session revealed how large corporations are buying professional services and how clients are reacting to the pressures of their changing world by demanding changes from their advisors, drawing on the latest results from our annual GC survey, Sharplegal.
A few highlights:

How Clients Perceive Law Firm Transformation & Innovation Initiatives

Last month, Jo Summers presented at the Janders Dean ‘Break The Law – Make The Law’ conference, an invite-only gathering of ‘disruptors, innovators and fire starters’ from across the legal ecosystem. The topic was a reality check for law firms and a window into the world of in-house technology and innovation, drawing on the latest results from our annual GC survey, Sharplegal.

A few highlights:


This post was written by Daniel Bodnar, director of Product Management, Thomson Reuters. Original article posted here.

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, maybe better known as CLOC, has developed a list of Legal Operations Core Competencies. At the 2018 Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute, a workshop focused on three of those core competencies: financial management; vendor management; and data analytics.

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