$5 Million of Legal Market Data Now at Your Fingertips

As of today, 10,000 general counsel have now shared their views on the global legal market for Acritas’ Sharplegal survey. This milestone makes the study the most comprehensive of its kind, offering $5 million of insight from the world’s leading law practitioners.

Sunil Sehgal, Legal Director of Coca-Cola Enterprises, was the 10,000th interviewee as part of Acritas’ ongoing collation of up-to-date views on a range of critical factors affecting the legal sector. 

Acritas began interviewing senior legal buyers and general counsel from the world’s largest companies in January 2007 after building an extensive database during the latter half of 2006. 

Now in its fifth year, Sharplegal provides over $5 million worth of insight for law firms seeking in-depth analysis of their performance and brand positioning, emerging markets, clients’ needs as well as trends affecting the international legal market.

Explaining the significance of achieving 10,000 interviews, Lisa Hart, CEO of Acritas, said: “We interview 2,000 of the most influential general counsel in the world’s largest companies in over 40 countries every year. These people are collectively responsible for $10 billion of legal spend and have enormous influence over the shape of how future legal services are delivered. 

“The quality and pertinence of the data we are able to compile from their feedback is the reason why international law firms, who are striving for high growth in tough market conditions, use Sharplegal to shape their expansion strategies. We are now able to offer greater depth of opinion, accuracy and benchmarking than ever before.”

Commenting on becoming Acritas’ 10,000th interviewee, Sunil Sehgal said: “I think it is important that in-house lawyers openly share their views on working with their law firms and on how they see the sector in general. It is only through providing feedback on the current ways of working and market conditions that improvements can be made and the delivery of international legal services can advance. The information provided by Acritas will be invaluable in keeping up to date with issues affecting my role as well as the wider legal market.”


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