43% of US clients forecast spend growth in 2011

Do you want to know which ones?

Direct access to detailed analysis of your audience, your competitors and the wider market environment will ensure you can prioritize your 2011 strategic investment successfully.

The sharplegal program delivers over $1m worth of research, surveying in excess of 2,000 law firm clients per annum, across the globe. 

New sharplegal data will be released in January and offers law firms:

  • Industry sector reports to shape practice development plans
  • Brand tracking to measure your brand profile in key markets and identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitor profiling – giving you insight about market share, favorability drivers and hourly rates
  • Marketing preferences to ensure you are investing on the areas that deliver the greatest return
  • Pitching success – who is delivering the best pitches and what makes them stand out?
  • Market trends - where is strongest growth anticipated, which markets and industries are priorities for your clients?


To learn more about legal market trends and forecasts for 2011 you can contact Acritas Director Jo Summers today to request your free sharplegal webinar presentation.

What is sharplegal?
Acritas has developed the sharplegal survey to provide law firms with intelligence, more cost-effectively and robustly than any firm could commit to standalone.

sharplegal provides robust, statistically valid market intelligence that enables you to develop a competitive advantage.

Customized packages available
Analysis of the data is customized to each firm’s unique requirements, focusing in on the relevant target markets in terms of geography, industry sector and size of organization. To learn more click here.

Packages start from only $10k


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