Lisa's Thought for the Day: Importance of Brand in Legal

The importance of brand may only just be dawning on some law firms but for the largest firms operating on a global scale, brand strength is already central to their success. 

Acritas’ Sharplegal – the world’s most comprehensive study of the global legal market – shows that most of the top-ranking legal firms have a strong and cohesive brand ethos and a leadership team who is committed to building a global platform. The unity of thought and direction that strong brands engender make it easier for their staff to pull in the same direction to achieve clearly defined roles. This more corporate and unified style also proves attractive to clients who are reassured, when operating globally, that they will receive a consistent standard of service across all their markets. 

Strong brands are built around a clear position of difference. In the face of increasing competition, if a law firm, whatever its size, can identify its point of difference, effectively communicate that difference and provide a consistently high standard of service in line with it, they will steal a march on the competition and discover the true value of a strong brand.

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