Hannah Moralee

Systems Analyst 

Hannah is an experienced researcher with a particular interest in international programmes and client feedback. 

Since joining Acritas in 2009 she has assisted with and managed a wide range of projects including brand tracking, thought leadership and employee satisfaction surveys as well as client feedback. She was involved in the Acritas Client Feedback Hub from the early stages of its development and now works closely with the Technology team to ensure each Hub meets the needs of the individual client, both in terms of technical features and in terms of outputs. 

As well as being involved in the design of new Hubs and handling client queries arising in the day-to-day administration and use of the system, Hannah also conducts training in the use of MarketSight to create custom analysis and reporting of Hub data.

In addition to her work on the Hub systems, Hannah provides specialist support and coaching to assist in maintaining quality standards across the company. 

Hannah holds an MA with Distinction in Cross-Cultural Communication & International Management from Newcastle University and a BA in Combined Arts from the University of Durham.  She is also a fluent French speaker, having worked for international organisations in Paris for several years.


Contact Hannah:

T: +44 (0) 808 178 3020


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