Acritas’ second annual Global Alternative Legal Brand Index sees PwC Legal emerge as the new leader in 2018.

This year the Index reveals the dramatic growth of the Big Four among alternative legal service providers. The legal industry is fixated on distinguishing work delivered by lawyers and non-lawyers but in reality, clients just want effective solutions to their broad portfolio of legal work.



Acritas created the Global Alternative Legal Brand Index to complement its existing Global Elite Law Firm Brand Index which has been published annually for the last nine years, thereby responding to the increasing diversity of legal services providers that in-house departments turn to to help them provide legal support to their organizations in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

The findings this year show that more and more clients every day are becoming aware of what these organizations can offer. Clients are liking what they see, and money is moving away from traditional law firms.

Acritas’ Global Alternative Legal Brand Index 2018 is compiled from analysis of an extract of data from the Sharplegal Global Elite survey dataset. All data is derived from 834 interviews with respondents, in $1 billion+ revenue organizations across the world, who have senior responsibility for buying legal services.

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