Global Alternative Legal Brand Index 2017

The legal industry is fixated on distinguishing work delivered by lawyers and non-lawyers but in reality clients just want effective solutions to their broad portfolio of legal work. Acritas created the inaugural Global Alternative Legal Brand Index in response to the increasing diversity of legal services providers that in-house departments turn to help them provide legal support to their organizations in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.

In this year’s Sharplegal survey we asked a series of questions around innovation in the market. It is interesting to note that nearly three quarters of clients aren’t seeing any innovation from external providers, including law firms, as Lisa explains in her video analysis of the Index rankings.


Acritas’ Alternative Global Legal Brand Index 2017 is compiled from analysis of an extract of data from the Sharplegal Global Elite survey dataset. All data is derived from 639 interviews with respondents, in $1 billion+ revenue organizations across the world, who have senior responsibility for buying legal services.


A detailed report is available to purchase, which includes the full list of alternative legal service provider brands that were mentioned by senior in-house counsel in our Sharplegal survey.

The insight report focuses on analysis of three key areas:

  1. The Competitive landscape: including top-of-mind brand awareness and favorability of alternative legal service providers – analyzed by market and by buyer type.
  2. Alternative Legal Service Provider Brand Drivers: what attracts clients to favor their preferred provider overall; which ones have a differentiated proposition; and how does this compare to law firms
  3. Innovation: what do clients consider to be innovative practices from external advisors; which are incremental, breakthrough and transformational?

The report in PowerPoint format includes an executive summary, charted data and written recommendations, and can be presented to an audience of your choosing by an Acritas Director.


If you would like to discuss purchasing the report in more detail please contact:

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Elizabeth Duffy on +1 646 480 5738 or

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