Diverse teams perform better, fact! : Diversity data (part 2)

We ask how diverse the team is that clients work with after they have given the rating so there is no impact or bias on the results given. And we are seeing big differences in the results across all KPIs.

When looking just at the data of the very diverse versus not diverse at all, the significant differences (at this stage) are on strength of relationships, charging a fair price for the value delivered and on likelihood to recommend.

However, the gaps in performance across all measures are so big that we are predicting by the end of the year the additional interviews we will have conducted will result in a statistical significance across the board.

This is proof for the first time, in relation to the legal industry, that having a diverse team is better for performance all round.

Benefits of a diverse team
Putting forward a diverse team to work with your clients benefits both sides of the relationship. The benefits to private practice include:


  • Twice as likely to give a perfect ten performance
  • 50% more likely to recommend the firm.
  • 20% higher share of wallet, on average


The benefits to in-house teams include:


  • Improved performance in all aspects of service
  • Better value
  • More likely to meet your expectations


What more can we say? Except that, we hope that is more than enough evidence and provides you with a very good promotional message for championing greater diversity in law firms.

Only 28% of teams are very diverse: Discuss!

The panel discussion then followed and debated how both sides of the client-law firm relationship can change how they operate and the demands being made to enable more diverse teams to exist.

In fact, a lot of the opinions and perceptions shared by the panel was advice aimed directly at the law firms for how they could improve service delivery.

In short, know what clients want by asking them and not guessing! Which made us at Acritas very happy because our whole business ethos is centred around encouraging our clients to base decisions on facts!

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