David Johnson

Account Director

David is a highly skilled and experienced researcher who works with clients on a range of customized research projects. He is both a creative and logical thinker with strong organizational and analytical skills. David’s key strengths are his ability to build relationships and deliver thought-out solutions across any research project.

David works for clients across the legal industry and is experienced in conducting both qualitative and quantitative interviews with professionals in companies around the world. He has particular expertise in the administration and co-ordination processes key to successful client listening programs, from the collation of sample through to the production of key findings dashboards.

David is a versatile project manager with a background in developing online systems that provide solutions to complex research aims.

Prior to joining Acritas, David was involved with the design, development and management of a wide range of business and consumer insight related projects.

Contact David:

T: +44 (0) 808 178 3020

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An interview with David Johnson - August 2016

Describe what you do at Acritas:

I help our clients to grow their business by providing credible market intelligence to make more informed business development strategic and investment decisions. Either at the wider market level, through analysis, interpretation and delivery of Sharplegal findings, or helping clients to grow existing business through the design and delivery of key client feedback programs. On a practical level, this means that I am involved in all stages of the research process, from the upfront scoping and design of each project. management and interviewing, through to analysis and delivery of the results. 

Why did you choose to work in market research?

I think it is because it’s the element of business that best suits my personality, skills and approach. I really enjoy working with people to understand their challenges and then helping them to find new solutions for their firms. The analytical aspect of working with the data to understand results suits the way my brain works, but I also love working with people and building relationships. Market research enables me to think critically and use my analysis skills to confidently help people in their jobs, so it’s a perfect fit.                          

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a few different types of research projects at the moment. I am working with a major global business to develop their client feedback infrastructure using one of our software solutions to record, analyze and report on their pitching and key client review program. As anyone who has worked on a tech build knows, it has its challenges but the ultimate benefits in efficiency and accessibility to data in the end are game changing. We are also starting a new project to help a corporate finance firm to understand more about the perceptions of its brand and how it can begin to really capitalize on its strengths to create a unique space for itself in the market. The projects that we work on and the way we deliver can change totally depending upon the client’s needs and culture, but the end goal is always the same – to provide evidence to support goals and objectives. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people I get to work with and the variety of work within my role are major pluses, but I’m a researcher at heart so the single thing I love the most is when you uncover that piece of insight that you know is going to make a difference to the client. That could be a really strong business development opportunity from a key client feedback interview or adding a new question into our Sharplegal survey to find out how clients are reacting to Brexit in real time. You become very involved with the people you work with and the issues they face, almost an extension of their business development or marketing teams, so those moments when you deliver intelligence that nobody else has, those are the moments that get me out of bed in the morning. 

Tell us more about Brexit – how are clients responding?

Well, we added two questions to our Sharplegal survey to track the reaction to Brexit in the global legal community and quantify the potential impact. So far we have over a hundred responses from GCs and at this early stage we are seeing much more uncertainty in the UK than in other countries. Just over a quarter are planning changes to offset the risk and potential economic losses associated with the drop in the value of the Pound. More broadly, the stability of the UK and European economies is in question. As the terms of the exit become clear over time and as our dataset grows we will continue to track and share the results with our Sharplegal clients.

What is your proudest moment at Acritas so far?

Being asked to move to London to set up our new office and lead our London operation is without doubt the proudest moment in my career. It is both a massive challenge and opportunity, but I’m loving every minute. 

And outside of Acritas?

The personal best I achieved at the Berlin marathon last year - 3 hours 36 minutes - was one of my proudest moments ever. 

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