Comparing your client success against a best practice model

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The COVID-19 pandemic and legal organization’s response to it have catapulted law firms and client relationship partners into a massively changed world.

You may not know what will be temporary and what will endure, but you do need to know how to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative impacts from this disruption.

Indeed, we have been drawing together a rich base of client research dating from before the crisis and running right up to the present, looking at what clients want from their lawyers and what the most outstanding lawyers are doing — and how this has changed during the current crisis.

We see that clients and outstanding lawyers are highlighting how to make advice and communication relevant, commercial, and value-adding. They are creating new ways to retain their business and their loyalty — and avoid ways to lose it.

On the law firms’ side, partners are working through the frustrations of remote working, while at the same time, seeing some benefits in collaboration across teams, once physical office location is removed from the equation. Our data explores the benefits that can come from collaboration and how to remove the barriers that can hamper collaboration.


Best Practice Model

To that end, we have developed a way to help firms strengthen their plans and positioning for this new phase by constructing a Best Practice Model for client success. This model will help you:

  • Understand how building stronger, deeper client relationships will increases the share of client spend law firms earn;
  • Recognize how this increases the likelihood of organic growth through client recommendations;
  • Evaluate the impacts that increased satisfaction also has on client retention; and
  • Learn what it takes to secure lawyer buy-in, what client partners need to be doing, and the support they need from business services.

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