Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2020

For the first eight years of the Index, the top 10 firms remained the same. Now, for the first time, a new firm enters the top 10: Bennett Jones. The firm breaks into a concentrated and highly competitive market, both of which can make it difficult for firms to achieve a distinctive brand.

Blakes and McCarthy Tétrault hold the top two positions in the ninth annual Canadian Law Firm Brand Index. But, this year, McCarthy is closing the gap on Blakes, proving that no matter the power of a brand in any given market, there will always be firms challenging those at the top.

The Index measures brand strength of law firms across six metrics: top-of-mind awareness, favorability, consideration for top-level deals and litigation, overall usage among Canadian organizations, and usage among multinationals with interests in Canada. Firms receive points per mention in each of these categories and are assigned a total point score. The firm with the most points sets the index at 100, and all other scores are calculated off this.

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