Canada Brand Indexes 2018

This is Acritas’ seventh annual Canadian Law Firm Brand Index and our inaugural Canadian Alternative Legal Brand Index 

Three major market forces that are shaping the way clients work with law firms are reflected in our research findings, as Lizzy Duffy explains in this short video;

Acritas’ Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2018 is compiled from analysis of an extract of data from the Sharplegal survey dataset. All data is derived from 250 interviews with Canadian respondents, in $50 million+ revenue organizations, who have senior responsibility for buying legal services. It also includes the views of a further 99 non-Canadian-based senior counsel who were asked which firms they used for their Canada-based legal needs.

This year’s Index reflects how globalization has changed the competitive landscape. In 2012, Canadian firms together held 85% of total brand equity available in the market and global firms just 3%. Now the Canadian firm share has dropped to 69% in this year’s Index while global firm share has increased eight-fold to 25%.

Clients are moving to hire lawyers who bring a business perspective. In Canada, being practical and pragmatic is the most differentiating quality of exceptional lawyers from the client’s perspective and business understanding is an area that clients think outside44counsel need to improve. 

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