Buyer Behavior

The key to success in today’s fast changing legal market is in understanding what your clients need and how they want it to be delivered. One size no longer fits all.

We see trends in buyer behavior coming before they play out in the legal market.

This is thanks to the 2,000+ interviews we undertake with senior legal buyers around the world each and every year. Access to our data can help you leverage your strategy and leapfrog the competition.

We know that legal buyers are more sophisticated and data savvy than ever before. Understanding how to align your offering with their own internal goals and priorities is a clearly defined recipe for success. Our unparalleled market insights mean that we can help you to understand patterns in buyer behavior across segments such as geography, industry or personal demographics such as gender, age or role.

Our buyer behavior insights can be used to:

  • Understand the current profile of your firm’s typical client, and how they differ from those of the competition
  • Spot the opportunities or need for change within your buyers’ demographic profile: are you actively engaging with the GC of the future? With women?
  • Understand how to align your communications for maximum resonance
  • Understand how to provide more effective and efficient service delivery, according to culture, geography or other key factors
  • Future-proof your firm’s client acquisition and retention strategy

Products & Pricing

Data relating to buyer behavior is available through a number of routes. Acritas, now part of Thomson Reuters, offers a range of data packages as listed below as well as customized studies and cuts of the Sharplegal dataset. Should you wish to discuss a more bespoke approach, please contact us directly.


Available reports:

Women Buyers: Being able to align and resonate with female buyers presents a highly effective point of differentiation. Our Sharplegal data reveals a significant difference in the way which male and female GCs buy legal services, the reasons they favor a firm, their departmental goals as well as their preferred communication channels – and much more. Women are a growing demographic in the legal sector and now make up more than a quarter of senior legal buyers. This report highlights the key differences in behavior and how to align your offering to maximize success. 

London Legal Buyers: Acritas has collected the candid views of senior buyers of legal services based in this vibrant and global legal hub. In-depth analysis reveals what is driving clients’ buying decisions in the City of London, multi-jurisdictional requirements, satisfaction, loyalty, propensity to recommend and where their future needs lie. 

New York Legal Buyers: Over the last year, Acritas has collected the candid views of senior buyers of legal services based in this sophisticated but crowded legal hub. Deeper analysis of this data reveals what is driving New York clients’ buying decisions, multi-jurisdictional requirements, satisfaction, loyalty, propensity to recommend and where their future needs lie. 

US Multinationals: 66% of US multinationals have international legal needs, compared to 58% in 2011. Designing your growth strategy around facts and real market trends will maximize your return on investment. In the last 12 months, we conducted in-depth telephone interviews with 600 US-based senior buyers of legal services. This report highlights the markets outside of the US where these clients have the highest demand, where new appointments are taking place, the work types most required, the law firms most used and where legal spend is expected to rise. The report includes in-depth analysis on US-based senior legal buyers within multinationals with needs in the developing markets of Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. 

Why firms gain more or less of a clients’ spend: Drawing on Sharplegal data we will explore which firms are gaining more spend in your chosen industry, the drivers to increasing share of wallet, which firms are losing spend and the reasons why firms are losing out. 


Customized research:

If you have specific objectives or goals that where scientific data would help to validate or inform your planning then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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