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Understand the power of your brand: today and tomorrow.

We have been working with our clients for over a decade, perfecting an understanding and measurement of brand in a way that is unique to Acritas, now part of Thomson Reuters, and delivers meaningful results to our clients.

Our approach is built around the brand cycle, which starts with top of mind awareness and favorability drivers, and flows right through to use, satisfaction and advocacy. We believe it is vital for organizations to understand their position at each stage of the cycle in order to maximize brand relevance and develop strategies that ultimately deliver results to the bottom line.

This approach ensures that we capture information relating to the whole brand experience: from front end recognition and key brand associations, right through to the client experience and willingness to act as a brand ambassador.

We often create a Brand Performance Matrix for our clients. This simple tool uses five key measures of brand strength and can become an annual measure of the brand performance, both at a global level and within specific client groups and markets.

We also work with clients to help them encapsulate what their brand currently stands for and what it should stand for working from the inside out.

We utilize all available methodologies to support our brand tracking programs, from face to face interviews all the way through to global web surveys. Our goal is to deliver maximum return for your investment and is the reason our many local and global clients turn to us to conduct their brand tracking studies.

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