Can Stellar Performance be the norm?

Over the past three years we have been asking the world’s biggest clients to identify the most outstanding individual lawyers they have instructed – and what makes them so exceptional.  That list now exceeds 10,000 people.

We’ve also interviewed around 3,000 of these stand-out lawyers or Acritas Stars to explore two key questions: what do you do that’s different? And what does your firm do that helps or gets in the way of your delivering this great client experience?


So the research is as much about the performance of the firm as it is about the accomplishments of particular partners.  Our analysis reveals dramatic effects on firm’s profitability, client satisfaction, share of wallet and other crucial performance indicators where clients have identified these stand-out lawyers.


Our Advisory team is helping firms to capitalize on these insights.

By understanding the crucial symbiosis between these high performers and the support firms give them, we can help firms to make Stellar Performance less the exception and more the norm.

Please contact Steve Blundell or Lisa Hart Shepherd to explore how we can help your Stellar Performance.


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