Getting Sectors and Industry Groups working

Having a sector focus for major law firms has become increasingly commonplace.  Where once firms could hold this out as differentiating, today well over half of all the firms in the Am Law 200 and the majority of The Lawyer Hot 100 firms advertise a sector or industry focus on their web site.

But it’s one thing to claim a sector focus: The proof is whether clients in that sector experience the firm as more connected with their business. In short, is the firm a better choice as a result of its sector offer.


Our Sharplegal research shows that many firms are failing to substantiate claims to offer that sector superiority. In many cases, there is little or no difference in how the firm is perceived in its core sectors than how it is viewed more widely.

Our advisory team offers a program to review and enhance the performance of a firm’s industry groups.  Or, for firms that have not yet put in place a sector focus, we can advise on the design and implementation of that program.

Our approach allows us to draw on the deep data in Sharplegal which reveals which firms are genuinely performing in sectors and which are not. For Sharplegal subscribers, we can assess your firm’s performance against the benchmark of success. For any firm we work with, we will audit your current approach, and show you how it can be enhanced to deliver real value to clients and a competitive advantage for your firm that goes well beyond lists on a web site.

Please contact Steve Blundell , David Johnson or Elizabeth Duffy (US) to explore how we can enhance your firm’s sector focus.

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