Acritas 360

A trusted feedback framework for legal departments to drive optimal performance

It is hard to measure quality; that’s why most legal departments focus on cost instead of the bigger picture. 

At Acritas, now part of Thomson Reuters, we’ve spent the last 15 years determining the factors that make for excellence when it comes to legal work.

Through conducting over 20,000 performance reviews we have identified the metrics that really matter in driving optimal performance, along with deep benchmarks to enable objective analysis of individual organizations’ results.

Key to high performance is the quality of both your in-house and your external lawyers. How well your people manage your external lawyers is as important as how they perform.

An ability to measure performance across all these aspects is what makes Acritas 360 so effective for legal departments.

Acritas 360 is an intelligent web survey which captures feedback on both in-house legal teams and their external lawyers.

The research is analyzed to identify where the teams and external advisors excel and where improvement needs to be made. Acritas can provide not only baseline benchmarks from which to measure future improvement but also broader relevant industry benchmarks.

Having access to robust data and insightful analysis, presented in user-friendly dashboards, allow both the legal department and its law firms to strive for truly optimal performance.

To enquire about how Acritas 360 can help your legal department please contact Holly McDaid on +44 808 178 3020 or Elizabeth Duffy on +1 646 480 5738 or email

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