March 2020:

 COVID-19 Crisis Management: 6 Actions to Get You Through the Next 6 Months

► Jones Day Retains the Top Spot in Acritas’ U.S. Law Firm Brand Index 2020

 Making Partner Meetings Work by Video – Now Force Majeure

► Why You Should be Doing Tele-depth Interviewing

► The 2020 Acritas Global Elite Brand Index, Highlights Increasing Global Commitment of Top Firms

► Competition Growing in UK Legal Market

► New Entrant into the Top Ten of the Acritas Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2020  

COVID-19 Crisis Management: 6 Actions to Get You Through the Next 6 Months

Let’s cut to the chase. The world is in crisis mode and it’s difficult to know what to be doing with clients to help them through this—while still trying to maintain our own business operations. Jen Dezso, Acritas' U.S. VP, explores 6 actions you can take today to get you through the next 6 months.

What can you do different to help your clients?

Find out why each of these 6 actions are important and how you can stand-out from what your peers are doing today.

Jones Day Retains the Top Spot in Acritas’ U.S. Law Firm Brand Index 2020

For firms looking to elevate their brand with buyers and ensure long-term growth, being top-of-mind with legal decision makers is mission critical. Jones Day takes the number one spot as the strongest law firm brand in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive year and is the only firm to maintain its position from last year. For everyone else it has been a year of intense competition.

Making Partner Meetings Work by Video – Now Force Majeure

Failure to plan differently for video meetings invariably has a detrimental effect on the meeting before it’s even gotten started. But there are a few of quick and easy tips that could help improve the experience for all, as Steve Blundell, Head of Acritas Advisors, explains in his latest blog.

Why You Should be Doing Tele-depth Interviewing

Staying close to clients and their changing needs is never more critical than during times of greater uncertainty. Tele-depth and video conference interviewing is an excellent option for professional firms looking to scale their client feedback and other research initiatives, as well as allowing clients more flexibility to fit time into their schedule, and it is often preferable to longer in-person meetings.

The 2020 Acritas Global Elite Brand Index, Highlights Increasing Global Commitment of Top Firms

Clients’ needs have become increasingly global over the last decade. Each year, more clients have expressed a greater need for international reach across a broader set of countries and, as a result, an increasing share of spend has been allocated internationally. Clients say they are looking for advisors who can provide multi-jurisdictional support across a range of different practice areas, in a consistent and coordinated manner.

Competition Growing in UK Legal Market

While the UK legal market has been growing recently, with revenues up again in 2018-19, the market is facing rising competition from U.S. law firms and alternative legal service providers, including the Big 4 consulting firms. Despite the growing competition, the State of the Legal Market UK report found that UK law firms with a global presence and strong reputation are more likely to face a positive outlook as they will be better positioned to balance growth across multiple global markets.

New Entrant into the Top Ten of the Acritas Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2020 

For the first eight years of the Index, the top 10 firms remained the same. Now, for the first time, a new firm enters the top 10: Bennett Jones. The firm breaks into a concentrated and highly competitive market, both of which can make it difficult for firms to achieve a distinctive brand.

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