Sector Effectiveness Checklist: Are You Positioned to Succeed?

By Jen Dezso, VP Acritas US Inc.

Demonstrating industry sector expertise (rather than just legal expertise) is proven to double your share of a client’s legal spending.*

While many law firms today are changing their messaging to talk about industry sector expertise, few are realizing this level of growth in their client relationships.

The main culprit: saying your firm is industry-focused is very different from having an effective sector approach to the market. Most firms still have practice-focused approaches disguised with an industry focus label.

After working with more than 150 law firms to grow relationships, Acritas has developed a comprehensive checklist on what drives a successful industry sector program. This checklist helps firms quickly assess how effective their current industry sector initiatives are and where they need to focus efforts to see client relationships grow in a meaningful way.

While the full sector effectiveness checklist has 47 different measures, below is a quick, downloadable snapshot you can use to start assessing (or building) your firm’s industry approach to the legal market.

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* Based on Acritas’ 2018 Sharplegal research


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