Collaboration is key to maximizing share of clients legal spend

By Lisa Hart Shepherd, Vice President of Research & Advisory Services, and Founder of Acritas Thomson Reuters

Many law firms dream of gaining a larger share of their clients’ legal spend, especially during difficult economic times like the market is experiencing now. However, there are tools and processes that can make it easier for this to happen, including ramping up how your firm collaborates both internally and with clients.

Lawyer productivity under attack: How to fight back

By Jen Dezso, Acritas US, VP

Remote working has proven to be largely a success — at least from the perspective of lawyer wellbeing.

The impact of remote working on lawyer wellbeing explains why nearly 80% of stand-out lawyers say they want the ability to work from home at least one day a week even after the pandemic passes. This is more than double the percentage of lawyers who were working from home during all prior to lockdowns.

However, law firms shouldn’t let their office space leases lapse just yet.

Power Up: Regaining and Increasing Law Firm Performance


Steve Blundell – Head of Acritas Advisors, Thomson Reuters


Jay Connolly - Global Chief Talent Officer, Dentons

Caroline Firstbrook – Chief Operating Officer, Clifford Chance

Jon Kanter – Chief Financial Officer, Goodwin

David Patient – Managing Partner, Travers Smith

Lucy Leach, Technical Research Director, Acritas (part of Thomson Reuters)


Your Annual Partners’ Meeting When its Virtual - Getting Engagement Before and During

Many firms are now planning their annual partners’ meeting – and doing so on the basis that it will have to be a virtual meeting. That makes it even more critical than usual to get the engagement of partners before the event and have them focus their thinking beforehand on the chosen topics.

Law Firm Sectors – COVID-19 is the fork in the road

By Steve Blundell - Head of Acritas Advisors

Sectors all the rage

Before the world turned upside down, sectors were becoming “the thing”. Two thirds of the AmLaw 100 boast a sector focus on their web site. But from our research we can see that firms’ approaches vary markedly. As with many other things, COVID-19 may prove to be a fire that burns up the chaff and leaves only the real things standing.

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