Acritas Brand Index Editorial Calendar for 2020

This year Acritas, now part of Thomson Reuters, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Global Elite Law Firm Brand Index. We have decided due to the index reaching this milestone that we will be releasing the 2019 results table in January 2020, with an all new look.

As you may be aware the data behind the indexes come from our Sharplegal study. All the data is derived from over 2,000 interviews with respondents, in $50 million+ revenue organizations across the world, who have senior responsibility for buying legal services.

All interviews are conducted by telephone in local languages across 55 countries and undertaken by Acritas in strict accordance with the rules governing best practice in research. As such, no law firm or other third party had any involvement in selecting sample, analyzing or influencing responses.

As well as vital insights about the future of the market and the needs of your existing and target clients, Sharplegal tracks the performance of your brand and service attributes year on year.

This insight can be used to inform your strategic planning, hone in on what’s working well and identify what is in need of improvement. It provides that elusive measure of return on marketing and BD investment.

Sharplegal data can be used to:

  • Inform or validate your go-to market strategy
  • Align your efforts and investment with the highest areas of forecast legal growth
  • Understand what drives favorability to your firm as well as your competitors
  • Evaluate your performance across a range of service attributes
  • Develop and measure KPIs that relate directly to your firm goal

If you have any further questions about our Sharplegal survey, please contact Jo Summers at

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