LMA 2018 Annual Conference - The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence at Law Firms

Wednesday 11th of April 2018 11:30 AM UTC

The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence at Law Firms


Join this interactive session discussion of competitive intelligence (CI) in the legal industry, based on a new study of nearly 100 legal executives. You’ll tackle a range of questions, including: How large are CI teams? How are they structured? How are firms using CI for competitive advantage and strategic growth? Why do law firm leaders rate their CI function just 6.4 out of 10 in effectiveness? What is the greatest challenge facing CI in law firms today? What traits make a CI professional successful? Come explore real-life examples and case studies of the favorite uses of CI, gleaned from interviews with CMOs and heads of CI. As an attendee, you’ll receive direct access to a complimentary executive summary of the report.

Topics include:

  • Where law firms are in the evolution of CI
  • The structure of current CI teams: how they are managed, staffed and developed
  • What activities CI teams engage in and what tools they value most
  • Case studies: how to best use CI for competitive advantage
  • The path to creating more proactive, strategic CI teams



Elizabeth Duffy

Vice President



Marcie Borgal Shunk

Founder and President

The Tilt Institute


Register to attend LMA annual conference: https://transactions.c5groupinc.com/lma_reg.php?conf=4425&site=2&lang=en

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