Acritas’ Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2013

How the world’s biggest clients rank the top Canadian firms

Acritas' Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2013 reveals the leading Canadian law firm brands most favored by influential clients from Canada and around the world.

To learn more about market forces that are driving the pace of change in the Canadian legal market and significantly altering the relative positions of the country’s leading law firm brands, download your complimentary copy of Acritas’ Canadian Law Firm Brand Index Report using the form to the right.

In this report, you will also discover the critical importance of brand awareness and favorability in winning and retaining business as well as gaining insight into the brand strategies adopted by the top-ranking law firms in Canada.

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Acritas' Canadian Law Firm Brand Index 2013


How the Index is compiled

The Canadian Law Firm Brand Index is determined by combining the responses to five open-ended questions to determine which Canadian law firms:

  • First come to mind
  • They most favour
  • Are most considered for top level M&A
  • Are most considered for ‘bet-the-company’ litigation
  • Are most used most for high value work.

In addition, general counsel from international organizations outside Canada with legal needs in Canada told us which firms they were most likely to use in Canada.

The results are an extract from Acritas’ Sharplegal 2012 research. The data is compiled from the views of 245 general counsel based in Canada in organizations with revenues over $50m, and 55 general counsel based outside Canada in multinationals with revenues over $1bn who have legal needs in the Canada.

The complete Sharplegal 2012 database, and a range of regional and industry studies from it, are available upon request. Here’s a brief summary of who we interview.

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