Acritas Stars Survey: Stand-Out Talent 2018

In January 2018 we conducted our second annual global study of more than 8,000 Acritas Stars. The aim was to refresh and deepen our understanding of what makes these people such stand-out lawyers. In August we launched our second mid-year survey to these same Acritas Star lawyers.

Our August survey questions these stand-out lawyers, so we can understand from their perspective, how clients can improve and what best practice looks like. We want to hear what clients can do to better manage the firms they work with and maximize the effectiveness of the relationship.

Clients feeding back on external lawyer performance is becoming the norm but rarely do external lawyers get an opportunity to feed back on the performance of their clients. How well a client manages their external lawyers can have a significant impact on the value an external legal team can deliver.

The survey has five main areas of exploration:

  • Relationship
  • Classifications
  • External advisor management
  • Panel Management
  • Innovation

A summary of the key findings will be shared with all respondents following thorough analysis of the results which we hope to complete in October.

To find out more please check out our FAQs or contact Jo Summers (nee Aitken) on +44 808 178 3020 or


How to get involved in Acritas Stars?

Individual Star lawyers – please respond to our surveys and you will receive exclusive reports summarizing our ground-breaking work as well as invitations to webinars and events.

Law firms – encourage your Stars to respond and you too will receive the exclusive reports highlighting the key findings. You can also buy the full research findings and where you have sufficient numbers of lawyers responding, benchmark your firm’s performance.

Please note we will always protect the anonymity of your Star lawyers’ individual responses and you will not be able to see individual firm findings aside from your own firm.

Senior in-house counsel – to gain free access to the global database of Star lawyers and to our broader research including spend benchmarking analytical tools, contact us to participate in our 25-minute Sharplegal research telephone interview.

Please note qualifying criteria apply including minimum revenue size and decision-making authority when appointing external providers.

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