Acritas’ US Law Firm Brand Index 2013

How do the world’s biggest clients rank the top US law firms?

Acritas' US Law Firm Brand Index 2013 reveals the leading US law firm brands most favored by influential clients from the US and around the world.

To read The Am Law Daily's summary of our US Law Firm Brand Index 2013 you can click here. Or for a brief overview of the rankings please read on below.

Acritas' US Law Firm Brand Index 2013

Since 2007, Acritas has been tracking law firm brand strength, as perceived by leading general counsel across the globe, as part of its annual Sharplegal research. During this time we have also measured the behavior and attitudes of buyers of legal services.

Major changes that had been germinating for some time in the legal market – the drive for efficiency, the hunt for value and internationalization – have really taken root over the past six years and their growth has accelerated in response to the global financial crisis.

By downloading your free copy of Acritas’ US Law Firm Brand Index Report, you will learn about the ever-increasing importance of brand strength in determining clients’ perceptions and selection of law firms. You will also gain a vital overview of the powerful effect that macro-economic developments are having on the future direction of law firm brands within the US legal market.

How the Index is compiled

The US Law Firm Brand Index is determined through five open-ended questions to find out from US-based general counsel:

• Which US law firms first come to mind.
And which they:
• Most favor
• Most consider for top-level litigation
• Most consider for top level M&A
• Most use for high value work.

In addition, general counsel based outside the US with legal needs in the US, were asked which US-based firms they most used.

The results are an extract from Acritas’ Sharplegal 2012 research. The data is compiled from the views of 711 general counsel based in the US in organizations with revenues over $50m, and 95 general counsel based outside the US in multinationals with revenues over $1bn who have legal needs in the US. The complete Sharplegal 2012 database, and a range of regional and industry studies from it, are available upon request. [A brief summary of who we interview is available here]

With Acritas’ US Law Firm Brand Index report at your fingertips, you can find out which US firms are winning the hearts and minds of the most influential clients in the world and learn about the main influences driving brand awareness, usage and favorability among key clients.

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