US Law Firm Brand Index 2014


Acritas' Sharplegal US Law Firm Brand Index reveals the US law firms with the highest brand equity, as viewed by senior decision-makers in companies with revenues of $50m and above.
Sharplegal US Law Firm Brand Index

In an increasingly competitive legal environment, the brand-building process is crucial for law firms seeking standout and ‘top-of-mind’ status with clients. Many firms in the US – both home grown and international – are investing significantly in understanding the true drivers of value to clients and building their brands around these. The firms ranked in our Brand Index reflect this. Some have the benefit of a strong and historic reputation while others are building their reputation from a lower base. As we continue to measure law firm brands and brand drivers in the US, it becomes apparent which firms really understand the shifts occurring in the legal industry and are responding to clients’ changing needs. These are the firms which will reap the financial rewards in years to come.

Harness the power of your law firm brand

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How the Index is compiled
Acritas’ Sharplegal US Law Firm Brand Index 2014 is compiled from interviews with over 700 senior general counsel, comprising 581 based in US-based organizations with $50 million+ revenue and 123 in-house counsel based outside the US with legal needs in the country. 

The Sharplegal US Law Firm Brand Index is determined through four open-ended questions from the full survey to find out from general counsel:

  • The first law firms to come to mind
  • The firms they feel most favorable towards
  • The firms most considered for multi-jurisdictional deals
  • The firms most considered for multi-jurisdictional litigation
  • The firms most used overall.

All interviews were conducted by telephone in local languages across 55 countries between January and September as part of the ongoing Sharplegal 2013 survey.

All interviewing was undertaken by Acritas in strict accordance with the rules governing best practice in research. As such, no law firm or other third party had any involvement in selecting sample, analyzing or influencing responses or the Index rankings.

Full Sharplegal 2013 results are available now.

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